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A Poem About Books.

By Linda MarryPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Books, a world of wonder, full of magic and grace

With every turn of a page, a new journey to trace

In their pages we lose ourselves, forget time and space

And with every chapter we read, our minds they do race

Books are the windows to the soul, that never close

A bridge to new lands, beyond where life flows

They hold our laughter, our tears, our joy, and our woes

And each time we read them, they’re there to dispose

From mysteries to romance to stories so true

They fill our hearts with wisdom, making our spirits anew

With every word we ingest, a new life we imbue

And in their embrace, we find what we’ve been looking for too

Oh how I cherish these books, this library of life

Where I can lose myself, and find peace amidst the strife

For in the world of books, there is no end, no limit, no strife

And it’s here, where my soul feels free, free from all life’s strife

So let us cherish these books, this treasure of life

For they are a true gift, a world of wonder, full of life.

heartbreakfact or fiction

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Linda Marry

Love Poems (fiction :)

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