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Bone of a Beat

Making a musical contribution

By Shelby Hagood Published 5 months ago 1 min read

Bone of a Beat.

I tap the xylophone ribs.

The skull head drum keeps the rhythm.

A bone flute whistling high.

The bone guitar wailing chords.

Praise to all of those who made a musical contribution!

Those I slaughtered to harvest!

They tell me I could have just used animal bones,

or robbed graves of the already dead,

or from the morgue were they are still fresh.

No! I wanted very specific essence in my instruments!

The play through just wouldn't be the same.

I had to find the correct bone structure.

Make sure the instruments were perfect.

Easy to understand, right?

Stream of Consciousness

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Shelby Hagood

Warner Bros and Disney 💕

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    Shelby Hagood Written by Shelby Hagood

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