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Bodies of Water

by Andrea N. Brown 2 months ago in nature poetry
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When my back is aching

Bodies of Water
Photo by Jana Vukomanovic on Unsplash

When my back is aching,

My ears buzzing,

My head throbbing and swirling

With countless demands,

Impossible hills to climb

There is a sure way

To release myself

To feel free

To breathe again at a normal speed.

I let my legs lead me

To bodies of water

To let my eyes fill up

With ripples or waves

To let my ears hear

Trickles or crashes

To feel myself being swallowed up

Immersed as the fish

Then floating lazily as the ducks.

Then does my heart slow

From a frenzied sprint

To a comfortable stroll.

I stretch my spine,

I become taller

Swaying with the trees.

nature poetry

About the author

Andrea N. Brown

Always trying to live my coziest life. Fueled by coffee, walks by the river, stacks of books, watching the birds, and staring at trees. Writing keeps me alive.

Current inspirations: Billy Collins, Marie Howe, and Lily King

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  • Jessi2 months ago

    Wow! You have an awesome style. Your imagery is lovely.

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