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Blood Promise

A poem about a loved one CW: Self-Harm

By Elizabeth Biz DiedrickPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

Over a year since our promise

and you broke

after so much progress.

You ran to the blade tonight,

like I ran to my claws

twice after the vow.

But that is no excuse,

as there was no excuse

when it was me.

We promised

a solid no to temptation

and you let doubt trickle in.

I ask for the picture numbly,

like every time before

why didn't you run to me?

I don't want to see them

but I need to

My heart has been

torn out

your wrist

and both legs


so many lines

more than ever before

You let it all out.

I don' want to count

But I need to count

How much he hurt you


little dots of red saying greetings

He said he would leave you

just like your mother did.

But we promised

and you let doubt trickle in.

My words come out harsh

and I try to calm them.

I know how bad you must feel,

I know you're dying from pain and guilt.

How am I supposed to handle this?

I offer you support and love

that's all I can do

because the decision is up to you

Your words are so sincere

You've made a mistake

and I guess that's o.k.

I understand.

But you pushed me into the numbness again.

I hope it passes.

Hide the scars, sweetheart

I'll kiss them all better

If you didn't think of me,

you would have continued

until it all went black.

You said it yourself.

I wish I could fight all your demons

and take you into loving arms

I'll build a home you can rely on

Show me your source of discomfort and I'll rip their throat out

they have no right when you've been through so much.

I won't abandon you like so many others

We make a promise

a solid no to temptation

I'm here for you

if doubt trickles in.

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