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Blind With My Flesh - Judicium

A dark poem

Blind With My Flesh - Judicium
Blind With My Flesh - Judicium by Kris Leliel on DeviantArt and ArtStation

That part of me

was never me.

Damning guilty pleasures.

Praying for my convicted spirit.

Decreeing my flesh

stay separate from my soul.

Pleading for a baptism

dawn after dawn.

Only sacred eyes saw

a Father.

I saw him too,

yet in weakness

rebellion stained my eyes,

twisted ecstasy of mine.

The day I’m tainted most

was when He came

to save the most

submissive spirits.

Judicium ascended,

the holy crossed the threshold

while my flesh and I

stayed and stayed blind.

Saturn’s mark

in burning light

challenged the verdict

of Father’s Judicium

after eons of

burning blind.

I see that part of me,

damning and praying

over my soul,

was never me.

I, never saved,

was too blind to see

my weakness being

the greatest of me

withstanding Judicium,

never needing saving.

surreal poetry
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
Kris Leliel - Authentikei
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Kris Leliel - Authentikei

Kris Leliel, mystic and creative spirit, loves to write about metaphysics, the occult, and literature, especially horror. Their debut horror short, "Autonomy Bleeds Black" is available on Kindle and other eBook platforms.


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