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Blessing,s Of ' Allah '


By Shari KhanPublished 8 months ago β€’ 3 min read

Allah's blessings are infinite and vast,

From the tiniest atom to the mighty blast.

The sun that shines, the moon that glows,

The winds that blow, the rivers that flow.

Every breath we take, every step we make,

Is a gift from Allah, make no mistake.

Our family, our friends, our homes, our land,

All of it, by Allah's loving hand.

So let us be grateful, let us be kind,

And remember Allah in heart and mind.

For His blessings are too many to count,

And we are but mere mortals, no doubt.

Allah's blessings are countless, too many to count,

From the highest mountains to the depths of the ground.

In the blue skies above, and the oceans deep,

In the stars that twinkle and the forests that weep.

From the grains of sand on the beaches so wide,

To the blades of grass in the meadows that bide.

In the leaves that rustle, and the birds that sing,

In the buzzing of bees, and the humming of strings.

From the newborn babe in its mother's arms,

To the elderly ones, with their wrinkled charms.

In the friends we make, in the love we share,

In the kindness we show, in the burdens we bear.

In the food we eat, and the water we drink,

In the clothes we wear, and the roofs that we link.

In the warmth of the sun, and the cool of the breeze,

In the shelter of homes, and the comfort of ease.

From the knowledge we gain, and the wisdom we seek,

To the prayers we offer, and the blessings we reap.

In the guidance we find, in the hope we hold,

In the faith we cherish, in the stories we've told.

In the mercy of Allah, in His forgiveness so vast,

In the grace of His love, that forever will last.

In the trials we face, and the tests we endure,

In the patience we learn, and the strength we procure.

From the beauty of nature, to the wonder of life,

To the miracles we witness, and the signs that are rife.

In the prophets we follow, and the books we read,

In the teachings we practice, and the deeds we lead.

In the gift of free will, and the choices we make,

In the mistakes we own, and the lessons we take.

In the success we achieve, and the failures we learn,

In the journeys we embark, and the paths we turn.

From the breaths we take, to the heartbeats we feel,

To the emotions we express, and the thoughts we reveal.

In the laughter we share, and the tears we shed,

In the moments we cherish, and the memories we've led.

Allah's blessings are infinite, beyond comprehension,

But His love for us is clear, without any tension.

So let us be grateful, for all that we have,

And share His blessings, to those in need and in salve.

Let us praise Allah, with every step we take,

And thank Him, for every breath we make.

For His blessings are many, and His love is true,

And He will guide us, through all that we pursue.


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Shari Khan

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)8 months ago

    Beautiful wordsβœ¨πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

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