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by Sidney Smith 20 days ago in childrens poetry
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The Beauty of Genetics

Photo By: Sidney Smith

Children are a blessing,

And let me tell you why

I was born with my father’s laughter

And my mother’s eyes.

My grandfather gave me music


The ability to read between the lines

My grandmothers taught me humbleness

And how to remain kind

All of them taught me

How to be courteous and wise.

My mother writes

My father hikes

My mother knows deception

She guards her heart for protection

My father loves the water

And would sail off into the ocean.

My mother is a Virgo

But she seeks justice like a libra

My father seeks happiness

Even if it kills him in the process

Me I am an equilibrium

Passive aggressive optimist

a roaring Lion

Misunderstood in my quietness

Seeker of wisdom, and justice

Because it brings me happiness

And I may die in the process

Singing my hymns, songs, and praises

I find the world in people I meet

That inside ourselves

Lives a society

My mother gave me that ability

To prophesy through intuition

To be innovative

And to holdfast to my visions

When I look outside I see adventure

And I owe that to my father

Getting lost in the wilderness

To let go of frustration And anger

Seeing the beauty of nature

And All that it has to offer

So when I say children are a blessing,

This is what I mean,

I am neither them or both, but somewhere in between

I am a witness, beneath my skin and eyes

I see everything for what it is

And it never lies.

childrens poetry

About the author

Sidney Smith

A picture tells a thousand words, and a thousand words can paint a beautiful picture.

I have been a writer all of my life. It has been like an anchor for me to release emotions, process ideas, and escape into a world of fantasy.

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  • Sidney Smith (Author)13 days ago

    Thank you for all of your comments! I have two new poems published right now, if you enjoyed this one please check them out as well :)

  • Alexis Creamer14 days ago


  • Zari's Diary14 days ago

    Excellent!! I love your beautiful poem! I just liked and subscribed.

  • Aubrie Belle 14 days ago

    I love this poem so freaking much!

  • Emily Dickerson15 days ago

    Children are such a blessing. Can't wait to have my own!

  • David Thomas17 days ago

    This is a well thought out, and beautiful poem.

  • Nara Ree18 days ago

    Beautiful! Totally my taste!

  • Abigail Esparza19 days ago

    Beautifully written!

  • Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  • Zelda Foxx19 days ago

    Holy &*% That is awesome!

  • good

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