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Black Crow

by Eden 5 years ago in surreal poetry
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A Poem

Today, I want someone to forgive me

My feral soul

Hardened heart

Tattered lungs.

Lustrous crow that barks all night

Begging for his loneliness to subside

Of course,

We change all the time.

Black and burnt edges of the pages

that dust off onto the wood

Even if I were blind I would know him by the sound he made

The crow is now apart of me.

My only God is Death

Screams his wild and tangled eyes

that pierce into my side.

A hot burn followed by a peaceful numb.

You’re mine now, your tormented soul.

I want Death to bow to me.

Tip your tender throat to the sky

Exhale the burning smoke

Cheating death takes its toll

You’ve taught me well, dark black crow.

surreal poetry

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