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Like a vast sea drowning a boat

By John WilsonPublished 10 months ago 1 min read

When a holy anthem is sung

Wait for a cyan story to be told

I will stand up

Give you a wave

Into your blind and sad body

Embrace your eyes

Those black, screaming names in your eyes

How does it drown you out?

Like a vast sea drowning a boat

This is no one else's sunset

It's not the scene of my dreams

I should be calm and open

In these dull yellow days

Why does the color in the heart still have color?

Wait for a gorgeous fireworks gone

Wait for a grand dream curtain

I will return my black body to black

My tattered clothes I threw on the bank

Even a heavy rain can't wash my body clean

Isn't black a beautiful color?

I shout in the winter night

Tomorrow's beautiful morning is hidden in my heart

surreal poetry

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John Wilson

I am a freelance writer and I hope my articles will give you pleasure

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