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Black and White

black and white

By Business managementPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Black and white, two sides of a coin,

Two different worlds, that seem to join.

One dark and bleak, one bright and fair,

Two sides of life, beyond compare.

Black is the night, with its mystery,

A time for rest, and a time to be.

White is the day, with its clarity,

A time for growth, and a time to see.

But both are necessary, in their own way,

For one cannot exist, without the other to play.

For like night and day, they come and go,

Complementing each other, in a constant flow.

So let us embrace the black and white,

And see the beauty in each other's light.

For together, they make a brilliant hue,

And create a world that's bright and true.


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Business management

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