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biting my tounge

by mokradi_ 2 months ago in surreal poetry

the abandoned poems

biting my tounge
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Biting my tongue/

This is it

I am not going to run after you anymore.

I am done

biting my tongue.

I am done

chasing after hope

that is made of cheap blue plastic

out of which they mold combs,

sold for twenty rupees

along with pink, blue, yellow balloons

handheld games, baby phones

you press a button

it plays a song:

Chal Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya Chaiya

hymns from a lost world


in the unwashed altars of local trains

crisscrossing over muddy slums, suburban cities

we left our mustard fields to find work


instead we found love,

and having found love

we held on

a little too much

like the last bubbles of fresh oxygen

in the pungent air-quality of our cities;

in between episodes

of acute suffocation

we combed our hairs

to look presentable.


I left with broken teeth.

surreal poetry


We bridge distant realities to awaken the unconscious mind.


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