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by p wave Swingle 3 years ago in art

A Poem

My biography is infecting my biology

What’s installed in me is appalling me

I need to break free from these human tendencies

I can feel the tension, am I just pretending?

The thought of more is comforting, but it’s also so unsettling

The two ideas are battling, I’m straddling my conscious

I need to surrender to the flow

I need to remember what I know

What I know comes from a higher place, not from this thing inside my face

Starting to think these two pupils aren’t as useful as I thought

Did man really make anything?

Are we just discovering all of it?

Does it matter what dollars and pennies bring?

Same structure and we just remodel it?

Taking the nature and bottle it?

Finding the creature and locking it?

Getting the product and stocking it?

Focused on making our pockets thick?

Pray for a better day, but instead we just stay the same

I’m trapped in my brain, I’m lapping the same, I know that it’s mind over matter

I tapped in my pain, I’m mapping a lane, grabbing the thoughts I can gather

But I can’t grab them all

My phones full of missed calls

Think I missed the call from God, or maybe I never got the nod

p wave  Swingle
p wave Swingle
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p wave Swingle

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