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Big Boy Pants

by N. Thomas 8 months ago in heartbreak
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August 2021

Big Boy Pants
Photo by Ergita Sela on Unsplash

I started out with such high hopes for us and kept clinging to them despite the decreasing likelihood

I told you how I felt, but I never even knew what I was to you, never knew where I stood

You've hurt me in so many ways throughout the years and yet you seem blissfully unaware

Or maybe you know exactly what you've done and you simply just don't care

It's funny you should talk about not having enough confidence cuz to me that seems like a lot of bull

It never seemed to be a problem for you as you looked down on me from up on your pedestal

I felt things for you that you never could for me cuz you were to busy thinking you were too good for me

I know if I were someone else you'd have found a way, but you never did the things that you should for me

There was never any reciprocation of the effort, the attention, the affection, the back rubs, the meals I'd make for you

And just because I'm good at baking doesn't mean you can keep having your cake and eating it too

You know what you have before it's gone, you had a good woman in front of you and you knew it

You had an opportunity that others beg for on a daily basis, and you just blew it

I gave you chance after chance to get your shit together and you just couldn't manage

I gave you opportunity after opportunity for real love, but you just kept taking advantage

You've made me your last priority, and if you think I'm going to keep standing for it, you're deranged

I'm not John Mayer, not gonna sit around waiting on the world or a man to change

I can't keep sitting around wishing and hoping that someday you'll finally come around

It's time to get up and walk away, it's not my fault you didn't want to lock it down

You were the one I wanted, but now it's time to let it go and move on to the next

Cuz you can sit there and say how you want to be a professional writer, but you can't even respond to my texts

Put on your big boy pants and use your words if you've got something to say

Stop toying with me and just be a man about it and let me know if you're feeling some type of way

I worked too hard and got too many degrees to let you turn around and play me for a fool

We're both grown ass adults, so stop ghosting me like we're both still in high school


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N. Thomas

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