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Beyond the Generational Divide

A Poetic Reflection on the Nigerian Parent-Child Relationship.

By Nazy AnnPublished 5 months ago 2 min read

In the land where we were born, dear Nigeria, we are the youth, not mere kids,

Yet, in your presence, it seems you withhold affectionate bids.

In your hearts, we know you seek what's best, but oh, Nigerian parents, please take a rest,

"Don't do this, don't go there, don't do that," you say, weaving fear within our chest.

Though I share my thoughts with you, hoping for a bond,

You use them against me, even after a year has dawned.

Often you'd compare us to other people's child, that they're doing better than us.

But dear Nigerian parents, you must know, you too are part of this matter.

The pressure is overwhelming, I can't deny,

It's heartbreaking and burdensome, as you continue to pry.

Can't you see the trust issues that begin to sprout,

When you promise to wait but leave us without a doubt?

You confine us within four walls, day in and day out,

Yet, you're surprised when some of us, in freedom, begin to shout.

Your 17-year-old carries a phone worth a fortune, no questions asked,

Buys a flat-screen TV, still not a word unmasked.

You think you're not living up to your task,

But when trouble arises, you forget you had sat back and basked.

They say, "Admit when you're wrong and say sorry," they insist,

But Nigerian parents, your time for such things seems to desist.

You display a tough front,

Leaving us to wipe our tears and lift our own wrists.

Gradually, we learn to consider you, as we journey on,

We know you're always there, ready to wield the rod like a pawn.

But what of our hearts, our minds, and our souls?

You rarely inquire about them, leaving us feeling cold.

Tell the truth, and I promise, I won't berate,

But the antithesis you use, sometimes feels like bait.

After you've spoken all morning, making your stand,

You dismiss our thoughts as if they were grains of sand.

Dear Nigerian parents, we grasp that you're trying your best,

But perhaps in your pursuit, you've skipped over "Good" and "Better," in jest.

Let us bridge this gap, this generational divide,

Embrace our dreams, our desires, with love that's bona fide.

For in understanding and acceptance, lies the key,

To create a bond that's unbreakable, between you and me.

In unity, we'll journey forth, hand in hand,

Blending tradition and modernity in this diverse land.

So, dear Nigerian parents, let us heed this call,

To build a future together, where love and respect enthrall.

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