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not every light is real

By Rachel SPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

there seems to be light

vibrant as a summer butterfly

colorful as the finest rainbow

it grips your heart

breathes down your neck

like a fire that comes alive

like a death dug out of its grave

like the honey that hides the sting

like the eyes of a hyena

it looks good, looks life altering

but when disaster strikes

when the light fades

and the cheers die down

its a letdown; a betrayel

you realize you were tricked

abandoned; outdone; faked

because you realize that while it pulled

it seemed to live

seemed to be happy; content

you've been blinded by the light

you've gone deaf from the cheers

and that's how you followed

like a blind duck

like an ignorant animal

like an oblivious seeker

and as the last of lights dissapear

into the nothingness it sprouted from

you're left alone

inspirationalStream of Consciousness

About the Creator

Rachel S

Written expression is emotion at its peak; delve into it.

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    RSWritten by Rachel S

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