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Feminity in the form of deadly nightshade

By Bri CraigPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Josie Weiss on Unsplash


Pressed flowers and pinned butterflies cannot protest.

In the act of preserving beauty, we often destroy it.

In the act of preserving femininity, we often undermine it.


I met a woman whose arms grew as vines, but when she

could not blossom, the vines shifted into boa constrictors.

She became a modern Medusa, a stranglehold with a stare.


I too wished roses would bloom from my lips,

before realizing thorns offered more protection

from the greedy hands picking my body from the ground

Plucking the organs out like petals.

Like she loves me.

Like she loves me not.

Like it doesn’t matter if she loves me or loves me not.


Poison, by definition, is a form of self-defense.

Poison says, "I will only hurt you if you touch me."

Poison says, "I will only make you sick if you consume me."


My body, my femininity, my choosing of the defense:

Bleed poison, bleed thorns, bleed boa constrictors,

Bite the hand that presses your wings in pages,

Break the hand that pins you to the wall.


I will keep protecting Her

until the wildflowers can grow

until the butterflies can fly away.

social commentary

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Bri Craig

Bri Craig (she/her) is a variety pack writer. She enjoys writing poetry, webcomic features, humor, short stories, and personal anecdotes. Basically, neither of us will ever know what will be posted next!

Let's connect! More about me here.

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  • K.H. Obergfoll2 years ago

    Love this, absolutely beautiful writing and imagery. The best I’ve seen in ages

  • Oh my goodness! This was so beautiful and empowering! Loved the imagery. Truly brilliant!

  • C. H. Richard2 years ago

    Love this line " In the act of preserving beauty, we often destroy it." Superb❤️ Well done and so relevant right now.

  • Caroline Jane2 years ago

    Great poem. Beautifully put together. 🥰

  • Heather Hubler2 years ago

    Wow! So much beauty, power and realness packed into that. So well done :)

  • EJ Ferguson2 years ago

    Wonderful dramatic imagery and the powerful tone of this is beautiful. Lovely work.

  • Babs Iverson2 years ago

    Brilliant! Beautiful social commentary poem.

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