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Believer to Dreamer

I have someone you need to meet

By Nessy WriterPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Believer to Dreamer
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Dear Dreamer,


You are so fond of taking trips

To far off lands

With yet unknown faces,

In non-existent places

And me at your side.


I admire your hope,

Savour your visions,

They transport me to another realm

Where fantasy can feel non-fiction


In spinning yarns

Of finest thought,

The strands floating fast

And stroking my cheeks

Like a lover’s caress,

I am seduced.


You give me more cards

Than I can handle,

My fortunes, you say.

They litter the floor discarded.

Forgotten almost as soon as they drop

For there are too many


They pile up around my feet

We haven’t left this room for days,

5 cups are resting on the bedside table.

Has it in fact been weeks?

Or maybe months and years?


I cannot stay here,

I have to pick a card and leave

Staying here feels good,

Doused in desire

Without any work,

Without the struggle,

The blood, sweat and tears

That must pay for these dreams,

We’re living on credit.


You will still lay with me at night,

But I suggest a tryst

With action,

You must meet.

What do you say?

What a team we could be,

I await your reply





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Nessy Writer

A freelance writer of all sorts sharing it out with the world. Poetry, prose and advice.

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