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Being There for Thyself, Are You?

Self Motivation

By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Be There For Yourself

One part of me

feeling low, too much pain

Yet the hurt is just within

Too deep that I can’t describe

Too thick to pass it by

Creates days with lies

Few days feel like love’s passing me by

Passion cuts me into pieces

Sorrow comes with stitches

Happiness is off limit

All stories mind created are in deep sleep

I wish I could tell myself, how to hold on

how to be stronger

how to be right when everything goes wrong

Man, I want to hold on.

Another part of me,

Am I the only worse who doesn’t fit the course (life)?

Guess, then I have nothing to lose

Leave or march but no snooze

Nothing else to choose.

Pain is a black cloud, so cry a lot

Mind is sad sky, then fly a lot

Heart is a river of blood, so swim through

You always have you. So, be you.

Worst time of losing it all?

Or “A fresh event of staring it all (again)”?

Long ago had a dream of

listening to others’ voice and let them be loud.

Why not start with thyself?

go crazy and make no sense

no need to make nobody proud

just let it out.

Pause but don’t stop when it feels wrong

Deep within you are strong

Nothing heals you never?

Know that, even for life “the not compulsory/compulsory course”

its theories come alive all together that

Nothing lasts forever

Your hurt won't last forever.


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Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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