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Begin Again

by Tom Williams 3 months ago in heartbreak

An ode to returning home

Begin Again
Photo by Nicolas Moscarda on Unsplash

It's the first bend in the road;

Knowing when I turn

I shall find, the first landmark of my youth.

The stadium you always drove me past as a kid,

The diner you took me to before long road trips,

The place where I first told you 'I love you',

The place where I last told you 'I love you'.

These old monuments take on new significance

And with every second, I get closer,

And the past comes into greater clarity.

The grey fog recedes and suddenly...

it's as if I never left

And suddenly

I wish I never had.

But, "hey, at least I'm here now",

I say.

So let's make new memories

Where the old ones lie.

Because getting old is getting old;

And I'm sick and tired

of having my life defined by what's gone by

So let's go back to the beginning,

And begin again


Tom Williams

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Tom Williams
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