Beauty In The Bones...


Beauty In The Bones...


I go to the darkest of rooms

Where the bones lie

I strain to hear what they have to say

They call out my name

I follow their voices step-by-step

Each voice getting closer

As I enter the darkest of rooms

I feel my heart pound against my chest

They have stopped calling my name…

For they are singing what causes me to find them:


I listen closely as the bones sing

Each voice getting louder

I crouch down to the floor

I reach my hand out in the dark

My fingertips brush against something

Hard and cold…

The bone that I have touched brings me to gasp

It’s voice rings in my ears

It drowns out the rest of the bones’ voices

I listen to the one bone’s voice

As it tells me the truth

Of each bones’ beauty.


surreal poetry
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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Kylee Cheyanne

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