Beautiful Universe

Such a brilliant place

Beautiful Universe

Beautiful Universe

A light flowing

across the world.

An unleashing

that has been waiting

an eternity.

An explosion

as something

bursts into being.

Shards collide

and fracture

as cracks spread

across the surface.

The stars whisper

while worlds

are created.

The sun holds

its breath

waiting to see

what comes next.

Everything spins

as one thing

moves around another.

Darkness swirls

while it waits

for the light

to reach it.

Life has yet to begin

while the world

is created

and we wait.

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surreal poetry
Tiffani Metzger
Tiffani Metzger
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Tiffani Metzger

I live in California and I am disabled. I have a number of medical conditions and family issues. The things that always help me get through everything are the different crafts that I do, writing, and the rest of my family.

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