The plight of a romantic

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A beat; a meet and greet.

A beat to a new friendship; a giddy me.

A beat, a new text, a silly gif; a silly me.

A beat, a new week, a new text; a new meet.

A beat, a second meet; a verbal breach

A beat, a dapper you; a meekly me.

A beat, a beat to our next meet; a meet of three.

A beat, subtle rubbing of you and me; an innocence, and an innocence not, beating inside me. Beats of what could be.

A beat, week after week three; a weaker me.

A new beat, a promise for the following week; an enthused me.

A beat, and beat, and beat every time you looked at me. Me and only me.

A beat, a renaissance beat; a beat to the melody of your art, of a beat to the melody of your heart, your heart involving me.

A beat, a beat of what could be to what should be.

A beat, a beat and waiting, waiting for the beat of our shared night. Our one night. The one night worthy of my beating.

A beat after beat, a beat, a beat to my body not; a beat to my heart too heavy. A beat I received like the masochist I succumbed to be.

A beat, beat after beat of you into me. A beautiful beating of me.

A beat, a beat, a beat; the beating seconds until our next meet and greet.

A beat, beating of texted evanescence; a beaten soul. A bloodied heart beating.

A beat of hatred, so I tried, a foolish feat. No hate, no hate ever.

A beat of despair, no need to try there, nothing left of me to spare.

A beat of time, time beats, time repeats; the evanescence of you and me. Now only me.

A beat, will it be ever again? You and me.

A beat, every beat. My heart still beats for you and me.

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Andrew Dominguez
Andrew Dominguez
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Andrew Dominguez

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