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by Melina Giorgalletou 2 years ago in surreal poetry

What does he want?

It started out as a tingle,

a small vibration in the left ventricle of the heart

a tender laugh from the lungs

a chuckle

flared nostrils

eyes stretched out in giggles

for her.

Eyes and mouth and nose

and voice and body

and noticing every part of the person

that brings this smallness of a feeling

in the start of the friendship

in the hopes of the ending

being more

with her.

The noise silences after a night

full of internal questioning

thinking and wanting

and he drives his car

with his insanity spilling from every edge

and corner

of steel.

The beast enters the void of thoughts

he is crippled by.

is it human is it alien

is it resident?

You need a letter to pass, sir

You need a license to drive

You need a number to belong

You need a loyal contract to your lover.

The beast towers over him

will he die

will he surrender

will he eventually feed?

The beast

it stays still

it doesn't bend

it doesn't grow

it doesn't talk

it's in a state of stagnation

waiting for his next move

what will he do to fight the beast?

the scandalous, promiscous thoughts

he's having for someone that isn't his lover

what does he want?

right or wrong?

feeling or more?





surreal poetry
Melina Giorgalletou
Melina Giorgalletou
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Melina Giorgalletou

Just a college student from Cyprus, living in NYC, trying to find herself through words and writing.

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