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By Lubayi Louis ArkangeloPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

In the stillness of the night, your courage shines so bright,

A beacon of strength, a warrior in the fight.

Though the days may feel long and the road ahead is tough,

You've shown us all what it means to be strong, to never give up.

With every breath you take and every smile you share,

You remind us of your love and the way you deeply care.

Paralyzed by a stroke, but not in spirit or in heart,

Your presence in our lives is an irreplaceable part.

You are a fighter, through each storm you stand tall,

A guiding light for us, inspiring one and all.

We love you dearly, with all that we have to give,

Your strength and determination teach us how to live.

In moments of silence, when the world seems so far,

Remember we're with you, you're our shining star.

We'll support you forever, with every step you take,

Together we’ll face the challenges, for your sake.

Your spirit makes our house a home, warm and full of love,

A testament to resilience, sent from up above.

Keep fighting, keep striving, with all your might,

We're by your side, morning, noon, and night.

Dear mother, you're our hero, our heart's guiding light,

Your bravery and courage make everything right.

So hold on tight, to hope and to love,

We'll walk this path together, with blessings from above.

In your eyes, we see the fire, in your heart, we see the fight,

Your journey teaches us the power of inner light.

You're our strong sick mother, but to us, you're so much more,

A beacon of hope, forever adored.



My mother has been down for more than 4 years now, she got paralyzed of Stroke Attack and she is adiabatic . she had stroke attack for the third time 2(two) weeks ago in front of me and siblings so we had to rush her to the hospital where she was admitted.

She will be OPERATED this coming week on Thursday 6/06/2024 due to some Disorder in her Colon caused as a result of stroke.

I kindly ask you people to put her in your prayers .


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    Lubayi Louis ArkangeloWritten by Lubayi Louis Arkangelo

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