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Beach Scene

by Sam Cooper 3 years ago in nature poetry

A Poem of Temporal Motion

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Fine grain sandpaper

slopes into saline fluid wall

polishing lives of unsuspecting primates

who think they make the mark



Ripple in un-still time-water

indiscernibly extant

A child digs deep

with tiny spade

and infinite aspiration

energetically seeking

something, nothing

doesn't know, doesn't care

His mother shakes her head

sighs and returns to her book

knowing too much

caring too much

A couple strolls gleefully

along the line

between two states of matter

volatility and rigidity

blissfully oblivious

to the knife’s-edge balance

they represent

to a watchful eye

or a wide angle lens

The sand-slope canvas of impermanence

painted with tracks of man-pup and dog-child

soon to be washed away

pecked at by vulture crows

seeking subterranean appetizer

before finding corpse to cannibalize

brutal vulgar beauty

of temporal circularity

ashes to ashes

dust to dust

bird to bird food

to return is inevitable

to revolve is revolutionary

I want to die like the bird

that corpse belonged to:

sea breeze in my feather hair

lying down in that fine grain sand

only to return to the sky

nature poetry

Sam Cooper

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Sam Cooper
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