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Ballad of JCS

a ballad, conquering an abuser

By Jennisea RedfieldPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
AI art by self

When the brimstone burns and the sinners beg down below,

All begin to scream with echoing bellows.

The only way you’ll see me is by standing on

Your grave,

Laughing at the irony, sounding so


And as I laugh and dance while throwing

Back my head,

I will celebrate and party now that you are

Finally cold and dead.

And when the demons take you down I will

Scream out my unchained joy,

I will kick up your fresh grave soil

Don't even try me, boy!

And then I will run away,

Run away,

Leaving all the stress behind.

I will laugh and pray and scream and shout,

But you won't ever hear me cry!

And when you are bellowing, looking for

Someone to blame,

I will stand at the top of the hills where

The demons now know my name.

My name might mean white water,

But I rather like it so,

And the desperate will hear it prayed

Wherever I might go.

The only name you will scream is the one

My mama gave me.

So let it flow from your lips in the shape

Of a miserable plea.

I'm running away,

Funning far,

Escaping from my past of pain.

And never will your wretched tongue mutter curses

in my brain.

I am the last one standing here, while you

Just turn around and rot!

And all this is playing in my head,

Like a carousel of thought...

But I say it now and say it then, this is not

My offbeat end.

But as you will never lay a hand on my

Sweet flesh...

Ever. Again.

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    Jennisea RedfieldWritten by Jennisea Redfield

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