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Baggage Claim

Free Verse Poem

By V DeviPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Long Black Hair

High Mind

Two Finger Forehead

Twin Brows

Curious Cat Eyes

Nose Ring

Bling Ears

Pink Plump Lips

Bright Smile

Dentist Free Teeth

Pierced Dragon Fruit Tongue

Five Finger Neck

Man Shoulders

Smooth Back

Inked Caramel Skin

Anime Tits

Nipple Bars

Pure Heart

Noodle Arms

Wrist Cuffs

Perfect Palms

Natural Claws

Irrational Waist Ratio

Belly Dancing Torso

Hourglass Hips

Fat Ass

Mango Meal

Thick Thighs

Freak Knees

Drumstick Calves

Taped Ankles

Kissable Feet

Lick-able Toes

Surreal Soul


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V Devi

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    V DeviWritten by V Devi

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