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Keep your circle small, you'll ween out the ones that don't belong.

By MICHELLE SMITHPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Those we thought were our support, were just waiting for the moment we turned!

You turned your back on family not knowing what will come

You said you've done so much for them yet look what you got in return

You set yourself up for failure once more

You've put on a show; you've started the fake tears

Your story keeps changing as you see fit

Eventually it will all catch up to you, just wait and see

This will be the last time you turn your back on me

No matter how much we've done for each other' you've unraveled it all

Backstabbing your own family, allowing others to be your eyes

You've dug your own bed, now lay in the choice you've made

You can't question the choices of the other when you picked a side

Neutral is how it all should have gone

You picked a side and lied through your teeth

Switching the story, making yourself out to be the victim

Reality will set in, you will see your choices come back at you

Karma can hurt and in return you'll receive yours

You've chosen to backstab one final time; this was the last straw for me

Can't believe family could do such things, finding family in strangers instead of blood

Time will pass, children will grow

Only person you can blame is yourself now

Sit with your choices of backstabbing a loved one

One who cared when no one else does

The one who was always one call away

Now you'll truly see who has your back

You backstabbed for the final time and you'll be shown how

We may be born into a family but it doesn't mean it last that way. Sometimes we find family in those who have no relation to us. Sometimes we are close to other family members than others. Through it all you will know that forgiveness is the way to go even when you are backstabbed by a loved one. It is okay to create distance, but remember to forgive. You don't want to stay bitter, even when all that happened wasn't fair. Once you learn to forgive just keep pushing forward, you know who is really there for you when you look around at the circle of friends/family you do have. Don't hold a grudge that turns your heart black, this happen for a reason and what goes around come around. Just keep your head up through it all!

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An inspirational poet. Writing poems to show others that it is okay to show feelings another way. I've tried a couple articles but I've found I'm better at the poetry. Just want to inspire and encourage others through tough times.

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  • HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)3 months ago

    💯❤️😉nice piece 🥹

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