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Azure Bird

Poetry inspired by Art

By Facundo RaganatoPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Azure Bird - by Mauro Franco

Poetry & Art: Poetry inspired by Artworks

"Azure Bird" by Mauro Franco



Azure Bird

It rests nearby,

All those places it has traveled,

All the places it will fly through.

Azure Bird, out of a Dream,

Glittering its color by the day

Glowing in the darkness by night.

Some lucky travelers have found

A feather on the grass,

And they have kept it for good luck,

Wondering who you are.

Some lucky travelers have seen you

Flying high above the clouds,

But most of you see you as a sign.

Azure Bird, out of a Dream,

You are a wonder when you open your wings,

For what shines brightest is who you are.


- Facundo Raganato

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"Azure Bird" by Mauro Franco



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Facundo Raganato

Author, Composer, Artist, Alchemist, Designer,



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