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Axiom Life

by Art Creeps 3 years ago in surreal poetry


Vast area, ventricles suffered hysteria, occupied by some, nothing scarier. but survived by one, 3rd try theory, yet the charm level is none.

In his head, electrified run, the one that wins emerges from the maze to see the sun. Amazed by her.

Lost in the walls of the maze run. Look to each sides, and all he sees is vines.

Like an ape's son.

Defined alone, a long time ago.

But I'm about to blow my team up, like a mutiny.

We all suffer scrutiny, and loyalty isn't what it used to be.

I thought that you were used to me

Grew my beard cause I got gifts to give.

Santa reference.

I got to share it with the world

Communication lives

Axiom life is here.

Definition, knowing it's done before it happens. Like knowing me and the crew would make it big singing and rapping. Dreams come true, and this is tough to undo

Brightening Enlightening, we rock with the sun too. Bringing life , reversing what guns do.

surreal poetry

Art Creeps

Acceptor of failure, change and success. Lover of one woman and the future. A father of an intuitive young man. Writer, singer and I started a garden a month ago.

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