Awakening the Dark

The Insane Prophet

Awakening the Dark

ive been Bouncing formless matter off the surface in my forsaken domain resurrecting the darkness in light where everything sane starts to break you down crumbling the ash in the hands which crafted the catastrophe of what was left like holding questions you couldn’t access the answer to without following what was after you as what I would have asked for if I only knew through these seasons that’ll never be the same again

taking form of every thought i can master

The heart pays the price of a past life debt builds trying to save his soul from his mind

I’m broken down to the nothing that’s after life as i realize whats trapped in these binds that bound my life to awaken the darkest passage enclosed in my mind I found a way to surround myself with love as a carry the hate in this paradox there seems to be not an escape of the hell in me and me in hell intertwine only to clench my soul with a grip so tight I could die right here in this place without another breath to give but I still decide push onward and decipher this gift that sometimes appears when I don’t know what it is

Shedding ghosts while I pass with age

like what was haunting these neurological pathways I can see it with my eyes that are the very essence of being here

troubling the very core of the dream I tapped into my energy source of memory with tears that created my enemy’s strength their weakness was when I started to think

Taking form of a reflection behind a face of pain in disguise nothing a candle could light while growing affinities of my ambition till my wings are set free

The agony that hasn’t ever forgotten me to my demise defeating my intent and threw me into the grit

the irrelevance of my purpose shook the heavens

when I crept into the night I became one with the spirit of the balance from the moon

as I dream pulling in the ocean of tears pushing back the weight of the world but I won’t make it to the sight of the bloom

with symptoms of falling apart I wasn’t sure if I was evolving out of reason

clipped my wings of an angels cry forever hidden in the way I look at the sky

at times i realize the hope never died

Looking to chase the gain out of the sorrow

held together by the last stitch

I was so blinded by my eyes I didn’t know how to arrange the array of inner pieces before they die with age to something greater than nothing ever could be,

stages of life frightened metamorphosis with light to shed,

like transformation of a force which paces how you listen to the state of something bright thats changing the darkness i hold inside,

sometimes I try and see them but I can feel them within,

to explain them would be like to meet myself again and I did...

with a few words I infuse a future holding a path that I can make a change,

Raindrops from a passing storm precipitate feelings that never left, gathering heavy in the Puddles I glance down reflecting communication with self,

senses of the shapeless memories like I never knew them like this and what they meant to me..

the cosmic neurons are breaking through the mold at an impressive rate, you couldn’t tell cause picking at that light of deception formed greatness trapped in his every cell, that pitter patterns in the madness, translate whistles of crystallized ideas dripping down into a corrupted wishing well,

filling melodies letting go of reality seeping all the way down into the core,

cripples rippling sound scapes to the hell where everything that is I was born,

breaking the chains,

I knew freedom would come at a day of great escape...

faint traces of life reaches out of mind into the unknown reaching like star light traveling just to see a dream into the far eyes,

where Ive always understood beneath the depth,

Found in these depths we learnt how to fly where the storm never sleeps,

Then blew up the underground sound and fell into the sky of my every dream,

The illness Growing at a molecular rate,

Infecting DNA,

Mutating genetics to the way of the beast,

Infect your nebula like a virus

Enhancing neurokenetics

Creating a super nova to eyes unseen,

In the forever of something so timeless I felt I could create,

Contemplating a choice I already made

If this was a mistake, when looking back I didn’t even know my name,

the conditions of creating something so strange,

radiating waves of knowledge of surviving the darkness to surpass whats becoming so fast it feels slow,

Passes like something already new,

retaining pain is the consequence of being stronger than you knew,

A constant reminder of being you,

hung on to the roots,

by the edge of sanity I grew,

weave through the weeds their only too easy to grow thought,

I see like rare gems like rocks upon the shore line

Breaking ground steps we’ve crossed these pathways before,

going in circles,

I’ve never known more..

Going back to where I was before,

What changed was the fact that there was something more,

Something lurking in tomorrow,

Grazed my eye with impact I was lucky to survive and get to know the scars that were made to show,

It existed after another night,

The light of my breath stole it swift,

Relieving the weight of the world,

I let it rest my feelings,

The day always Asking for more,

I kept the gem in my heart,

I just didn’t know what it was for..

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