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Awaiting My Fate

by The Bearded Bartender 4 years ago in sad poetry
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I sit staring at the gray, lifeless walls.

I sit staring

at the gray lifeless walls

I hear the footfalls down the hall

I know the time is drawing near

I stare down at my meal

my very last meal

A lovely steak

and big potatoes

The footfalls are closer now

I stare out through the bars

I see them getting closer

It is almost time

There are at the steel bars

The priest and the guard stand

I sit and finish the meal

awaiting my fate

The priest gives me absolution

as I take my last bite

I start to tear

knowing the end is near

I stand up

The guard shackles me

and leads me out into the hall

out of my home for the past fifteen years

Fifteen years of those gray walls

Fifteen years of that horrible food

Fifteen years without outside communication

Fifteen years of awaiting my fate

We walk down the hall

and I stare at all the faces

staring at me through bars

knowing they are witnessing my fate

We approach a gray steel door

Gray like everything else in this place

gray like an approaching storm

gray like a tornado coming to destroy life itself

I enter the room

The guard sits me into a chair

and straps me into it

as the priest finishes the prayer

I sit staring at the one way glass

A tear rolls down my cheek

as I await my fate

as I await to pay my debt to society

I look at the guard

whose hand holds the switch

ready to flip it

to end yet another life

The warden nods his head

I await the pain

as the guard flips the switch

to let me meet my fate

The jolt shoots through my body

a scream escapes my lips

my bowels release

blood drips from my ears

It is over

my fate has finally come

and now there is no more gray

only black

sad poetry

About the author

The Bearded Bartender

I am a creator of many things: stories, poems, songs, and much more. Here you will be able to read the insanity that runs through my mind, ranging from light hearted to complete darkness. Hope you enjoy the world inside my mind.

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