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Avonlea’s Kindred Treasure

Poem by Ava D

By Ava DPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Avonlea’s Kindred Treasure
Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

Avonlea’s Kindred Treasure

Robin’s red breast

Is the tresses of thee

And forest eyes

Taketh in all it can of ugly me.

Soft hands and skin

Makes me feel like kin.

Thy love for everything

And everything for thee

Overpower everything that we knew.

Thy imagination doth run

As wild as the free-spirited wind,

Through lands unseen and unknown,

Through tragedies and pains

That only thee and the wind can bemoan.

Thy hair flows with its kindred spirit, the wind.

Thy rosy petals doth open to the kind sun,

Twisting, bending and turning ‘round thee.

Thou art the red wanderer.

Thou art a beautiful treasure,

Dear Anne with an ‘e’.

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About the Creator

Ava D

Bringing pieces of me and my heart to the page that I don’t show elsewhere, my good side and my bad sides— hope all my sides are good stories to tell. Enjoy!!




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