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Avernai Market

A travelling poet's retelling

By Michael BivensPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Dappled sunlight gently dances on the weathered cobblestones,

As the bustling marketplace awakens, a vibrant tapestry unfolds,

Seductive whispers drift on the air, captivating the passersby,

A symphony of colors and calls, enchanting the senses nearby,

Raucous laughter and joyous chatter intermingle in perfect rhyme,

Melodies of life intertwine, creating an alluring, captivating chime,

Curious eyes wander, drawn to the intricacies of each vibrant sign,

Choices aplenty, desires and dreams delicately intertwine,

In this realm of commerce, where time seems to unwind,

Focus can be elusive, lost amidst the myriad of offerings,

Transient joys found in the treasures, trinkets, and whimsical things,

The wandering mind drifts through the enchantment's sweet hymn,

A delicate balance to nurture focus amidst the market's sway.


About the Creator

Michael Bivens

Most of my works published here exists as lore from the world of Illorim, an original creation by me that's been supported and cooperatively built through shared story-telling.

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Comments (1)

  • Samson Mosesabout a year ago

    lovely. Nice story

Michael BivensWritten by Michael Bivens

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