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Autumn's Comfort

by TA Shaw 2 months ago in inspirational
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Coffee, Sunshine

Autumn's Comfort
Photo by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash


Cold, dark

Grass highlighted with frost

Days growing longer

Old Man Winter stirring

His time of rest nearly complete

In an unbalanced formation

Black headed geese head to warmer latitudes

Squirrels foraging for winter supplies

Stashing them in supply depots, forgotten

Sprouting seedlings come Spring


Warm blooded by Nature

Cold blooded in reality

The shorter days

Bring stiffer muscles, achy joints

Fleece fetched from the spring storage bins

Trapping the minuscule amounts of body heat


First responder alerts

Wafting through the nose

Dark as the winter nights

Potent to ban the chills

Medal of Honor

Citation of Valor

Awarded to the first cup

Brewed with pure glacier water

Roasted recently

The beverage of the Gods

The Gods of Accomplishment

Kick starts the daily grind


Settling into an Adirondack

Facing eastward on the porch

Fleece pulled tight

Mug steaming relentless against

The cold of Winter’s Breath

Golden rays pierce the blue

The warmth of Nature’s furnace

Rising over the horizon

Radiant energy

Warming the exposed skin

Comfort of a fresh cup of coffee

And the warm golden rays of the Sun

Put Old Man Winter to sleep

If only for the moment

TA Shaw

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