Autumn Arrivals

The Autumn Months

Autumn Arrivals
Autumn Along a Country Lane in Spokane County, WA

Autumn Arrivals

By Jen Donier

Copyright September 22, 2014

Summer has faded and slipped away

Brilliant Autumn has come to play

Geese are winging in vee's to the south

Hunting season for turkey, pheasant, and grouse

Pumpkins and tomatoes ripe on the vine

Azure blue skies are mighty fine.

School children run to catch a big yellow bus

Leaves red, yellow, purple and rust.

Firewood stacked high in woodsheds

Gardens harvested from their beds

Warm bright sunny days, Moon cold nights

Children at play, Bonfires glowing bright.

Baseball is ended, Football begun

Fans yelling for their teams having fun.

Fall decorations line store shelves, Costumes

For witches and goblins, fairies and elves.

Election Day get out and vote, don't forget to

Wear your coat, Don't miss the election boat

Veteran's Day and Columbus too and Thanksgiving

Is coming up too. Fall is here come to stay

Autumn in splendor has come to play.

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Jennine Donier
Jennine Donier
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