Autumn Approaching

by becca bean 12 months ago in nature poetry

Autumn approaches, slowly but surely.

Autumn Approaching

the earth embraces autumn like a lover-

selfishly pulling a soft blanket over to her side in the night.

a beautiful death, a decay-

a reversal of all that empty spring bore,

in this, a new life is found.

an energy sweeps over each city, each town

one of sleepiness, of warmth, of mystery.

the whole world bursts into flames,

colours that rival the cold green of spring.

a subtle scent of coziness, like smoke, in the air.

the garish light of seasons now past is softened

by full clouds,

a gentle, pressing darkness.

mysterious is that coolness that settles upon housetops and in streets,

in hearts and in minds.

autumn is a wonder-

the birth of death.

neutral sunsets, lost shadows, cobweb daydreams

the taste of possibility.

the whole world sighs-


though the springtime graciously releases the world from a coffin of ice,

it is never quite sure about doing so. a back and forth game of freeze and thaw-

autumn’s arrival is independent of a shadow observed

it is deliberate, consistent, and sure.

all is well on those sharp autumn mornings, warm autumn days, and soft autumn nights.

all is well in the autumn-time

all is well.

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