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Aurora, Goddess of the dawn

She brings order and serenity to the early morn.

By Novel AllenPublished 14 days ago 2 min read

Aurora, the Latin belle of Dawn and morning's Poetry

Is the lovely Goddess of Dawn in Roman myth and verse

Beautiful Aurora, Goddess of the newly awakening Dawn

A bringer of myth and poetry to seduce the day

She lovingly renews herself with every morning's light

And flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun

Her two siblings, Brother Sol (the sun) and Sister Luna (the moon)

Accompanies her on her quest between twilight and break of dawn

Roman and Greek poets name Aurora 'Mother of the Anemoi' (the winds)

The winds are offsprings of Astraeus, the father of the stars

Aurora Borealis, that spectacular display of Northern Lights

Or Southern lights, Aurora Australis.

Those phenomenal shimmering waves of beauty and color

Light up the northern/southern skies in awesome grandeur

Owing their names to the deity goddess Aurora


Aurora Australis paints natural light displays across Earth's skies

Sprinkling the heavens high-latitude regions (Arctic and Antarctic).

With a dancing, dynamic display and patterns of brilliant lights

Appearing as curtains, rays, spirals and graceful flickers covering the entire sky

Aurora's disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind

Are spectacular and truly wonderous to behold.

Her disturbances results in enhancements in the speed of the solar wind

Exhibiting marvelous,curious coronal holes and coronal mass ejections.

Rare disturbances alter the trajectories of charged particles

Enfolding and encasing them within magnetospheric plasma.

Particles of mainly awesome electrons and protons

Precipitate the upper atmosphere (thermosphere/exosphere).

Ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents

Emit monumental shades of lights in varying colors and complexity.

Forms of the aurora, occur within bands around both polar regions,

Depending on the acceleration imparted to the precipitating particles.

Auroras appear in different forms, most planets in the Solar System, and

Some natural satellites, brown dwarfs, and even comets also host auroras.

Our world is a decadent, voluptuous, irreverent and wholesomely marvelous, enchanting and seductive garden of paradise

A gorgeous display of splendor and wonderment, which keeps giving

With a never ending allure and charm that transcends imagination

Leaving us forever wanting and needing more!

The earth moves through its phases in a smooth non-stop motion.


performance poetrynature poetry

About the Creator

Novel Allen

(Uk based) I Exist within moments, driven by whims and fancies, a free spirited dreamer. I Run wild with the wind.

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  • Sid Aaron Hirji12 days ago

    I love looking at the Aurora Borealis some nights it shows

  • Donna Fox (HKB)13 days ago

    I love this Novel, you left me feeling inspired and primed for some serious writing!! Sidebar: I was actually lucky enough to have seen the northern lights out of my back window the other day! They were so beautiful and now next time I see them I will think of this poem/ story and you! 💚

  • Whoaaaa, this was so breathtakingly beautiful and soooooo mesmerising! I'm in love with this poem!

  • The science & poetry of nature's art.

  • Mother Combs14 days ago

    This is great, love it

  • Real Poetic14 days ago

    Very fascinating interpretation of the challenge! 👏🏼

  • Grz Colm14 days ago

    Is this a real myth regarding the lights or your own slant? I’ve not heard that before. I have never seen the lights but would love to. I like how this includes science as well.. ☺️

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