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by Anthony Ferrer 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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(That Once Was...)


Empty pages about empty stages and empty cages where the freak show once was.

Empty stares and empty fairs without any cares of what once was.

Empty lights and empty flights of stairs that lead to a place there once was.

Empty tents silent as can be... No more shows for you and me in this place that once was..

Empty heads, without any meds and empty hearts without the sparks that once were.

Empty places with empty faces and empty faces without emotions that once were.

Empty minds of all different kinds of empty people who once were there.

Empty halls filled with empty souls that were once there.

Empty lines to walk, empty crowds that don't talk, about the things that were once there.

Empty in every way, empty every single day...

It's an empty town when the circus isn't around.

surreal poetry

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Anthony Ferrer

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