by Zach Grattan about a year ago in performance poetry

Nobody cares about your rocket ship.


Some Andromeda traveler came through last night

feeding stardust to horses in plain view, tonight

he steals glances through torn windows and time-space.

Only visiting, time shares in fallow Des Moines.

Sure ‘bout Kansas, the ethanol powers his take off,

hates the corn syrup food groups round these parts.

Sleeps by the river bend, rockets and hay bales surround

the girls at Cosmo’s mouth get lost, just like ma said.

Just a chance over Jim Beam prom queens and speed

velcro backs open tabs and empty Amex threats.

One too many for joy rides past Mars and space bars

‘Nother night with some Jenni, call for a good time.

performance poetry
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Zach Grattan

There’s a story in every dish, but most people find it kind of hard to listen with their tongue.

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