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As A Black Woman...

by MissJ1genz about a year ago in social commentary
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I can't help BUT see color

As A Black Woman...
Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

"I don't see color",

"Racism isn't that bad over here".

As a black woman in London, I can't help BUT see color

I see it when I go somewhere new,

In people's faces as they go by,

In the cashier's eyes as they make contact with the guard by the door

I see color everywhere.

At least we're not being killed in the streets

We don't have to pray for the will of our feet

to last longer, go further and faster

in a hopeless attempt to outrun a bullet.

No, on the surface, racism isn't so bad here.


Instead of outright murder in the form of justice,

Prejudice is disguise of policy.

When it comes to color, its so clear to see

That whenever someone looks at me

All they see, all I appear to be -

Is Black

social commentary

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