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Aryabhata: The Cosmic Poet

A poetic tribute to the great mathematician and astronomer, Aryabhata

By Allwyn Roman WaghelaPublished 23 days ago 1 min read
“Numbers are the language of the cosmos.”

In ancient Kusumapura’s embrace,

A mind ablaze with celestial grace.

A poet of numbers, a sage profound,

Aryabhata’s legacy forever unbound.

He gazed at the heavens, eyes alight,

Counting stars in the ink-black night.

Their orbits, their rhythms, their cosmic ballet,

Aryabhata wove their secrets into his lay.

Zero, the void, the silent abyss,

Aryabhata embraced its infinite kiss.

In his verses, he birthed the cipher divine,

A gateway to mathematics, a mystical sign.

“Prithvi spins!” he declared with glee,

The Earth pirouetting, wild and free.

On its axis, it twirls, day into night,

Aryabhata’s revelation, a beacon of light.

“π,” he whispered, “a circle’s sweet refrain,

Three-point-one-four, an eternal chain.”

In verses terse, he penned its decimal grace,

A mathematical hymn echoing through space.

Eclipses danced—a cosmic masquerade,

Moon veiling the Sun, shadows displayed.

Aryabhata’s verses wove their celestial tale,

Of lunar kisses and solar flames that sail.

Stars marched in step, their celestial parade,

Sidereal years measured, their paths surveyed.

Aryabhata’s verses, a symphony of time,

Notes etched in stardust, a cosmic rhyme.

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Allwyn Roman Waghela

I am a professional blogger, writing about topics such as travel, food, and lifestyle thus, showcasing my creativity and communication skills.





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Comments (4)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran23 days ago

    This was absolutely wonderful! Loved it!

  • Patrick M. Ohana23 days ago

    A beautiful piece!

  • Gloria Penelope23 days ago

    Wonderful poem here.

  • Mark Graham23 days ago

    Really nice work and loved the rhyming. If I taught this would make a good discussion in an ancient history class or a humanities course dealing in ancient history.

Allwyn Roman WaghelaWritten by Allwyn Roman Waghela

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