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Arrows Sever My Voice

by Mattie M. 4 years ago in performance poetry
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Arrows Fly

Smoke filled rooms leave you in a smoke screen of illusion

Broken dreams unravel all the things I’m not supposed to know

Illusions of love transpire behind the scenes

Sinking below the surface of the sea

I escape into the sacrifices I’ve made for love

Betrayed and burned in the sins of passion

With closed eyes

My heart bleeds under the burning sun

Arrows sever my voice

Tears are dried up in the disappointment of love

In the smoke screen of love

Lust steals my joy

Lust burns my kingdom down

Fire sparks, the wires come flying and crashing down.

performance poetry

About the author

Mattie M.

Mattie loves uplifting individuals in a more positive direction. She is a poet, short-story writer, and working on her first novel. Writing for a cause to pay for publishing and the editing of my novel on Depression and Anxiety.

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