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The United States Army and Marines are two totally different branches of the military, but why do they seem so similar? 🤬🗣💪

By InfoPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Army X Marines 🤬🗣💪

The US Marines and Army serve distinct yet complementary military roles. As amphibious infantry, Marines secure beachheads so the Army can establish a larger land-based presence. All Marines train for maritime operations, while most Army units specialize, i.e. airborne, mountain, or ranger regiments. Though the Army fields more personnel and newer weapons, the Marines’ flexibility and readiness as “tip of the spear” forces make them a quick-reaction force.

Both undergo rigorous basic training and offer specialized schools – West Point for the Army and Annapolis for the Marines and Navy. Unit structures also align: fire teams of ~4 soldiers led by corporals, squads of fire teams headed by sergeants, platoons of squads directed by lieutenants. The Army and Marines leverage airborne troops, snipers, mortar crews, and other assets. Rank progression enables career soldiers to access elite training like Army Airborne School or the Marines’ grueling Scout Sniper course.

With the Army defending the homeland and the Marines projecting force globally, the two branches complement one another when joint operations require mobilizing strength on land and sea. Their storied history and capabilities show why the Army and Marines lead the charge on the frontlines when American armed response is called for abroad. Respect runs deep between the two.


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  • Deasun T. Smyth4 months ago

    Nice, well done. 👍

  • Anna 4 months ago

    Wow, impressive work! Great article!🥰

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