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by Truman 4 months ago in surreal poetry

Ode to my furry homie

I’ll never forget the day I found you, you looked to be abandoned, at 4 weeks old you were beaming with life but no family, I feel as if you chose me showing up in the middle of nowhere, I grabbed you up cleaned you off then you chewed up my daughter’s teddy bear! For 7 years you’ve been my life companion, and when tragedy struck I thought how could this of happened, a pack of vicious coyotes almost took your life,I found you frozen in blood clinging on to your last light, you were so torn apart, I wasn’t just losing my dog, but a piece of my heart, I fell to my knees and words escaped my breath, I quickly grabbed you up and rushed to the vet, I arrived in a hurry and nothing else mattered, I wasn’t losing my friend my world would be shattered, I was told nothing else to do might as well go home as you were in surgery for hours, it was hard to cope, I arrived the next morning expecting the worst, when I walked thru the door you heard my voice and you let out a burst! My friend was gonna be alright, such a relief I disbursed, you’ve been thru everything with me Aries these last seven years, and I hope for many more but without all the excitement and tears! I love you Aries these words you hear daily, just please stop eating my shoes it’s expensive, it’s ok, but not really.

surreal poetry


I’m just a simple man! I live in the country, not sure how to describe myself. I’ll try again….one day! For now I hope those that discover my poems enjoy them as much as I did composing them! Much love to all you beautiful creative minds!

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