Apologies I Should Have Made

by Peggy Butler 2 years ago in excerpts

I'm sorry is said too much.

Apologies I Should Have Made

My appologises

I’m sorry I thought you were an angel

I’m sorry I want enough

I’m sorry you changed

But I’m not sorry I met you

I’m sorry your smile taunts my heart

I’m sorry I must forget the memories

And I’m sorry you left me without warning

Still I’m not sorry I met you

I’m sorry she caught you

That I couldn’t turn my feelings off

That it hurt me more

But I’m not sorry I met you

I’m sorry she wasn’t m

I wasn’t her

That we weren’t the us I pictured

Now I’ll tell you again

I’m not sorry I met you


I’m sorry I loved you

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I’m sorry






Karma's Hussy

They say that “karma will make you fall for someone who doesn’t love you, for not loving someone who did.”

So, I can only guess that karma doesn’t like me.

For I have loved and loved and never been loved in return.

I’m used to know I am not the one something I hope you never feel

So, Karma, if you’re out there, and if you’re listening,

I’m sorry for anything I did to you, but I won’t be giving anymore love.





One little word

Sorry, its a funny little word,

one to bring relief

whenever it is heard.

Sometimes it can have

the opposite effect.

Building the tension

leaving you holding your breathe.

The most common thing

is an apology

anything can be fixed with a short:

"I'm sorry"

And only if that were true

then my poem would be over

but sorry is more than just a word

to say once you are sober.

Peggy Butler
Peggy Butler
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