A Poem for the Quiet


I've started to realize I spend more time contemplating my life with you

I didn't even realize that I was actually spending time without you

Living in my life through my hardships because I couldn't breathe

I started to realize that people have been giving me other things to feed

It's like I'm in a different world with the other people that I need

And missing you has kind of been something that I made inevitable to me

So sitting here writing these damn lines I see

A decision was the only mistake I made for you to flee

I guess now I know that I have been breathing

I feel amazed with these after feelings

I think we'll remain well under the circumstances of you living in my mind

However thank you anxiety for giving me your peace when I didn't have mine

I realize that it took everything in me to now look so divine.

slam poetry
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Cassandra Berice

I am just a girl that has been writing since 6 years old to release my past on paper. I have now grown so much as to share it. Thank you.

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