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Antipathy's Antivirus

aimed at all

By Jacob ShermanPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Antipathy's Antivirus
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Ancestry aches,

ailing —

an afterthought.

Axiomatic agony

alienates all,

amplifies anger —

altruism's antithesis.

An atavistic anathema,

ancient antagonist,

attacking ardent avatars.

Arrive, alive, at Avalon,



anywhere at all,

acceptance avails.

Abroad, adopt acknowledgment,

adapt adventurously,

accruing advantageous,

artistic affectations.

Ask anything,

answer all!

Ambition advances,

abandoning amateur authorities,


an anomalous apex


albeit almost arrogantly.

An atypical ascent,

amassing ambiguity

and activating

adversity's antidote.


an abhorrent


articulates aggression.

At Ancalagon's advent,

all acquired abundant anxiety,

and acted anyway.

Alliances assemble

auspicious airwaves,

applying abnormal acoustics,


antipathy's antivirus.


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About the Creator

Jacob Sherman

The desire to read, and perhaps to write, should be cultivated and nurtured with care throughout every stage of life. For my part I will inject what strangeness and truth that I can into our written history. Expect no constants but honesty.

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  • Abby Kay Mendoncaabout a year ago

    This was awesome to read. Thank you.

Jacob ShermanWritten by Jacob Sherman

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