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Another Wave

by Amy Christie 11 days ago in surreal poetry
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My storm

This rain I started long ago,

when I dreamed of an ocean wave,

that took my dreams to sky,

to meet the moon,

I feared sun for tiny wishes,

they knew not how to fly,

and yet, that warmth

brought back all tenderness

on velvet heartbeats.

I followed the first wave,

I floated

beyond horizon and the love,

I found my island among waves and felt

home had been waiting there

for me,

flowers knew step and sighs,

each petal came into another dream,

each song

took voice closer

to soul.


What changed when I looked deep,

what took storm back inside,

was it the doubt,

the way to question what had been,

memories deep inside

hidden behind a wall

of tears,

longing to come out,

playing with thunder

to bloom

into another night

of spirit?


Nowhere in sight

for shelter,

cold in my dreams, forlorn

in charred garden

of old,

all flowers went

with new day,

and a desert growing,

I turned to ash

and smoldered

in regret,

I wanted,

couldn't have,

I tried,


and fell

into a waterfall.


Mistakes took my voice,

and the song,

played in a roaring wind,

beyond grasp

or forgiveness

I swam

in underwater cloud,

I clasped the last dust,

hopeful wish,

my candle led the way.

Inside the darkness

I saw light,

it was my own,

I built a bridge

from underworld into daylight,

from doubt into another


and warm



Here I dwell in open sea,

no island to steer desires,

no veil

to cover what could be me,

my will lingers on leaves,

this dew

melts anger in a rainbow.


I try again,

once more,

peace comes at twilight

and each morning

finds me in grace,

in waiting

for sunrise.


Clear the way to love,

unlock your heart,

forgive what was, go on,

I hold hands with fate

this time,

this life,

this love belongs with you

and me,

as I was,

I still am, your own

moonlit rain,

sunny tears.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily

surreal poetry

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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