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Another Day

by Delle about a month ago in inspirational

a poem

Another Day
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

briiiing. briiiing. slap. turn off the alarm clock.

get up. brush. wash your face.

fill a mug with water.

trudge to your desk.

click. click. click. tap. tap. tap.

endless clicking, tapping, scrolling.

reading, writing, what difference does it make?

turn on the burner. toss some vegetables and meat in the pan.

ouch. too hot - burned your mouth.

scroll on your phone while you eat.

sit on the couch and turn on your laptop.

click. click. click. scroll.

hollow laughter parallels the tinny sitcom laughtrack.

late. time to brush. wash your face. lay in bed.


breathe in the dark.

feel the weight of the blanket on you. weighing you down.

keeping you grounded.

you survived.

another day, darkness kept at bay.

close your eyes.

tomorrow, you start again.



Struggling to find my place in this world of billions. Writing helps.

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